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All KHSD schools have a wide variety of co-curricular and on-campus activities for students to engage in. Each school is unique, so engaging with your student and school administration about those activities is the best way to find out what’s available in your area. Below is a list of activities that are available at select KHSD campuses.


J.R.O.T.C. (Junior Reserver Officers’ Training Corps)

North, South, Arvin, Bakersfield and West High Schools are involved in Junior R.O.T.C. programs on their campuses. Army, Marine, Air Force and Navy are represented. The J.R.O.T.C. units pride themselves on building successful teams while providing positive role models for young men and women. J.R.O.T.C. also strengthens self-esteem, develops confidence, and nurtures leadership potential while cultivating patriotism. J.R.O.T.C. is very influential in preventing alcohol and drug abuse among its young candidates.

Objectives of J.R.O.T.C. are patriotism and good citizenship, leadership, self-reliance and responsiveness to authority, knowledge of basic military skills, an appreciation of the importance of physical fitness and the ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.


Camp K.E.E.P

Working with the Kern County Superintendent of School’s Kern Environmental Education Program, all Kern High School District schools send counselors to one of the two K.E.E.P. sites to work with the fifth, sixth, and seventh grade students who attend the camp. Counselors spend one week at the camp where they are on duty 24 hours per day. Many Kern High School District students have been recognized as Counselor of the Year.


International Baccalaureate Program (IB)

Foothill’s International Baccalaureate Program is for students who want a challenging experience in an environment where other students share the same goals. Foothill’s IB Program emphasizes the importance of the learning process. Its goal is to challenge students academically, and to help students learn how to learn, how to analyze, and how to draw considered conclusions about society and the world we live in. Foothill’s IB Program is the Honors curriculum. During their Junior and Senior years, Foothill Honor students enroll in IB courses, which include math, English, physics, biology, history, and foreign language. In May of each year, the students in these courses are encouraged to undergo rigorous exams in each subject. Students participating in some of the IB exams work towards the IB Certificate; students who choose to undergo examinations in all six subject areas may choose to complete the full IB Diploma, an academic passport of sorts, recognized around the world as a symbol of academic achievement and intellectual promise.


Academic Decathlon

Students spend months preparing for competition in ten academic areas in a day long event which features core areas of science, social studies, literature, art, music, and economics. Students must read extensively, write an essay, prepare a speech, and participate in an intensive interview. The culminating event is the Super Quiz, where student teams answer high-power questions on a designated topic.


“We, the People” Competition

All KHSD schools compete annually in the “We, the People” Competition on Congressional Hearings. Last year, both Centennial and South High Schools won the Annual “We, the People” Competition for the 20th and 21st Congressional Districts. In January, the teams went to Sacramento to compete statewide. Centennial placed fourth in the state competition. Kern High students have consistently won this competition since its inception, ranking among the top six in the state in the Congressional Hearings.


Mock Trials

Students gain a first hand experience in the judicial process as they take various roles as attorneys, witness for the defense and prosecution in an actual courtroom.


Gate & Honors Classes

The Honors program is a developmental, progressive one where each year builds on previously acquired skills. In GATE classes, the emphasis is on horizontal enrichment, which allows more creativity and individuality. The Honors classes, by contrast, stress vertical enrichment and demand higher standards of a curriculum which prepares students for college and university course work.


Advanced Placement Classes

All Kern High School District schools, with the exception of Foothill High School that has the International Baccalaureate Program, offer Advanced Placement classes. These courses are comparable to college classes, and students may earn college credit for them by passing the Advanced Placement test related to the courses. These are difficult classes, which require dedication to complete and to prepare for the exam. In addition to the college credit that may be earned, students do receive enhanced grade points for grades of C or better. With few exceptions (e.g. European History), Advanced Placement courses are available to students during the junior and senior years.

While all sites have a variety of Advanced Placement courses, the offerings do differ from school to school. Students interested in these classes should contact their counselor to see which subjects are available at their site.


After School Programs

In order to help students experiencing difficulties in subjects, sites are offering after school classes. Students may make up courses in these subjects which they have previously failed or with which they had problems. In order to be enrolled in an after school program, a student must fall under one of the Board adopted definitions of non-proficient.