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5 – School Choice (SES)

Supplemental Educational Services (SES)

Each comprehensive and continuation school in the Kern High School District (KHSD) must meet all (100%) of its NCLB annual yearly progress (AYP) criteria each year. A school is allowed two consecutive years of not meeting AYP before it reaches Program Improvement (PI) Year 1.

If a school fails to meet AYP in a third consecutive year, the school enters the first year of PI status (Year 1 PI). Parents/Guardians are notified by letter of the PI status of the school and that their student is eligible to choose to attend another school in the district that is not in PI. The district selects the least impacted non-PI schools to enable this school choice. “Receiving schools” for the current year of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) student choice are identified in the participation chart linked below. Also, if a student needs transportation to the non-PI school, the district must provide transportation at no cost to the parent/guardian. The school in PI Year 1 status must revise its school plan to address student needs that caused the school to enter PI and provide professional development for staff in those areas of need over the current year and next year. SES is not available to students in a PI Year 1 status but school choice is available.

If a school fails to meet its AYP in consecutive years that follow, it advances one year in PI status for each consecutive year it fails to meet its AYP. If the school meets its AYP for two consecutive years during Program Improvement it can exit PI status. If the PI Year 1 school does not meet its AYP it reaches PI Year 2 status. Students in a PI Year 2 school not only have the opportunity to choose to attend a non-PI district school and receive free transportation, if they choose to remain at the PI school, they may request and receive supplemental educational services (SES) at no charge to the parent/guardian from a state-approved SES provider.

Click the link below for the full list of state approved SES Providers. This service is limited by law annually to a specific cost. The maximum amount provided by law this year is $1072.24. Check with the district approved SES providers for their hourly rates to determine how many sessions the maximum amount will cover. SES is an opportunity for a student to receive specific tutor-like help in core subjects (like English and mathematics) outside of the regular school day.