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Complaint Process

The first step in the complaint process for a bullying incident includes immediate contact with the Dean of Students or his/her designee. If this fails to bring about a resolution, the Assistant Principal or Principal should be notified. If the complainant student or parent/guardian of the student feels that an appropriate resolution of the investigation or complaint has not been reached, the student or parent/guardian of the student should contact the KHSD Office of Pupil Personnel Services. If this fails to bring about a resolution, the complainant may complete a written complaint form detailing the incident and what needs to be done to bring a resolution to the concern. This will be submitted to the School Community Liaison Officer who will direct it to the appropriate Uniform Complaint Officer for follow-up investigation under the Uniform Complaint Procedures (BP/AR 1312.3).

KHSD prohibits retaliatory behavior against any complainant or any participant in the complaint process.

Dean: Stephen Granucci
Dean: David Carter
Dean: Ryan Coleman
Dean: Kendra Weisser
school_north3Dean: Erin Rader
school_south3Dean: Brian Smith school_east2Dean: Kyle Wylie school_west2Dean: Maikel Bassilious
school_independence3Dean: Nakeisha Moya school_highland2Dean: George Bradley school_goldenvalley2Dean: Pablo Reyes
school_kernvalley2Dean: Tracy Walters
school_stockdale2Dean: Rebekah Fulce school_frontier2Dean: Dustin Green school_miramonte2Dean: Brandi Ball school_liberty2Dean: Bill Richardson
school_ridgeview2Dean: Cheryl Thompson school_tierradelsol2Dean: Chris Dutton school_vista2Dean: Tracey Lozano school_shafter2Dean: Socorro Guerrero
school_vistawest2Dean: Mike Mullings school_cvhs2
Dean: John Brown
Mark Weir
school_ruggenberg2Dean: John Eldridge
school_sccDean: Misty Krugman
workforce-2000-academyDean: Roman Aguilar
school_roc2Dean: Chad Provensal
school_bakersfieldadultschool2Dean: Chad Provensal